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Meet the SINK  Team


Antonia (she/her)

Co-Founder and Editor-in-Chief

I'm from Manchester but I'm based in Tbilisi, and I write comment pieces, poetry and short fiction. My focus right now is on de-colonising Russian, raising the profile of the Caucasus, and fighting rape culture. A fun fact about me is that I used to be afraid of the moon.


I co-founded SINK as a passion project and my passion for it has only increased as I witnessed first-hand at uni how limited the creative opportunities were for Northern writers compared to those from the South. 

Anisha (She/her)


Hi! I'm from Manchester and study English and Spanish at St Andrews. Poetry is the main love of my life but articles and anything with written words are a joy to write. I also run Young Friends of the Earth Manchester focusing on the usual issues like fast fashion and our best friend capitalism. My fun fact is that I can do Jujitsu (although I am not saying how well) ! 


I'm delighted to read all the new pieces as a Sink editor and be a part of this amazing team, expanding the already diverse themes in creative mediums of music, writing and art. 

IMG_6439 (1) (1).JPG

Eva (they/them)

Co-editor and illustrator

I’m a poet and writer based in Manchester. I explore mental

health, emotional inheritance, domestic abuse and both neuro and gender diversity. My particular interest is memory and its echoes, as well as symmetries of history.

A fun fact is that my mum believes I was haunted as a child; she used to see a girl in 60’s gym shorts looking at objects in my room whilst I was asleep.


I’m excited to be an editor at SINK, primarily for the selfish reason I’m a literary nerd who wants to read your work! I’m passionate about providing a space of inclusivity; uplifting Northern writers traditionally marginalised from literary institutions.

Joss (he/him)



Ellen (she/her)


Hi, I'm Ellen, and I'm a new member of the SINK team! Alongside studying English at York, I write poetry, and I was one of the contributors for volumes 1 and 2 of SINK as well as reading at their recent event, so I've seen first hand what an amazing platform the magazine is and I can't wait to get involved. I'm also Deputy Editor of The Looking Glass Anthology, a yearly collection of work by York students.


I am really excited to join the SINK team as it's a great publication which works so hard to celebrate Northern artists, and to provide opportunities which are so often lacking.

Joe (he/him)


Hi! I'm Joe and I live in St Helens, but I've also lived in Salford and Sweden. I'm a neurodivergent creative that dabbles in a bit of everything, though I particularly enjoy writing.


SINK was the first magazine in years that I felt comfortable enough submitting my work to, something about it just clicked with me, and so I was excited to get involved when I was approached by the team.

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