Meet the SINK  Team


Ria (she/they)

Co-Founder and Illustrator

I'm from Leeds, I study Classics and English, and I currently write about gender and sexuality,  the importance of alternate news sources, and the fight against climate change. Also, my favourite animal is an echidna and my fun fact is that I'm a goat whisperer.


I am working with everyone on SINK because I hope it’ll be a great outlet for creativity and I am really enthusiastic about where we can take it! 

Frankie (he/they)

Co-Founder and Co-Editor

I'm from Harrogate, which my entrenched Northern identity causes me much shame about, and I study Sociology. In writing, my passion lies with gender and queer theory, exploring masculinities and looking at personal relationships through a political lens. According to my grandfather's dabbling on ancestry, I'm related to the Captain of the Titanic, but whether that is a fun fact or not is up to you.


Being an Editor at SINK, for me, is about empowering northern voices with the hope that we can provide opportunities for those to write and create, who would otherwise not have a platform. 


Antonia (she/her)

Co-Founder and Co-Editor

I'm from Manchester and I write comment pieces and poetry. I study German and Russian but I’m far more passionate about making lengthy diatribes about the dangers of Big Tech, pushing for more class intersectionality and examining the politics of female writing. A fun fact about me is that I’m afraid of the moon.


I’m doing SINK because obviously in a few years it’ll be famous in prestigious literary circles and I see it as my route to stardom – see you in Hollywood!