From the kitchen sink...




SINK previously penned the name Petty Bourgeoisie, an online, apolitical magazine (although blog would be more appropriate) founded within the walls of a North Yorkshire state school. Our central mission was to empower northern students to voice their political views, no matter ideological stance, as opportunities for this are few once you get above Sheffield. We had a strong base of contributors but these remained within a limited geographic area, rather than expressing the true variety of northern opinion. With our editors undertaking A-Levels and then heading to university, a change felt inevitable. And, on that tearful night, with the 2019 election results announced, we saw truly how alienated the north had become from leftist ideals. Therefore our priorities changed, and now we hope that our (currently) small publication will start to make the journey towards empowering and reinvigorating the north both within itself, and towards the party and beliefs that will always be in our favour, and the favour of the masses.  

Based on the cultural movement of kitchen sink realism, where plays like A Taste of Honey captured the spirit of the north, often protesting unequal state treatment of the north vs the south, we rebranded SINK. Our attendance of universities across the country has expanded our link to contributors outside of Yorkshire alone. Now rooted in red-only ideologies, SINK will examine the socio-political interests and criticisms of a people so often ignored, through both creative and academic mediums. We hope to continue the work of the 'young, angry men' and show the north as the powerhouse it is. 

We are constantly looking for new contributors and submissions, as we hope to grow to encompass the north from Chesterfield to Alnwick. SINK is an independent magazine underpinned by a passion and love for all things politics, society, history and culture. Your voice deserves a platform and we would be delighted to provide it, so email us at or visit our submissions page

Love and solidarity always.

The SINK Team.