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What we do
Our vision
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SINK was founded by a team of Northern artists to fill the significant discrepancy in opportunities for creatives in the North of England. 


What we do:


SINK publishes the work of underrepresented creatives from/living in/or with some connection to the North of England. We are also a leftist and political magazine seeking to enact positive change in our community and campaign for equal rights.

Our aim is to serve as a plug in the gap that exists between opportunities in the South of England, and those for creative individuals in communities further afield, overlooked and neglected by government; arts funding, and institutions which provide resources and financial compensation for creators. 

We carefully curate the work of talented writers and interdisciplinary artists in our themed biannual issues. Our magazine showcases the indisputable talent and quality of the Northern creative scene.

Our Vision:

In creating SINK, we aim to bring traction and exposure to the work of our contributors, and support people in all stages of their artistic development/careers.  

We are dedicated to publishing experimental, genre defying and innovative work: to listening to what you have to say, not what you think we want to hear. We hope to provide a true reflection of Northern creativity, and facilitate opportunities to further the careers of Northern artists and support making a living from creative work.

Our Ethics:

All of our issues are printed on recycled paper, and we are carbon negative– which means we currently offset the emissions of every delivery, plus some, planting at least one tree per every issue we sell.


Our team do not make any financial gain from their hard work. 50% of the profits we make on any issue are donated directly to a chosen charity; the rest are put into creating subsequent issues and platforming the work of our contributors.

Long term, we are highly motivated to widen our profit margins enough to be able to compensate all our contributors for their important work.

SINK will never be a platform for discrimination of any kind, against any group of people.

What content do we look for?


We are interested in work of all genres, including genre-defying work. We do not compromise on the integrity of our content, meaning we publish the explicit; the experimental, the unconventional; the work other magazines are afraid to take risks on. In short, work that pushes the boundaries, or simply bulldozes them. We are especially interested in work by people of marginalised sexuality or gender; low socioeconomic status; women; people of colour; neurodivergent people; people living with disability/chronic pain/illness, and survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence. We have a zero tolerance policy for hateful or discriminatory work.



Our team is lovely and always careful and considerate of every submission. We often receive personal work, and we feel extremely privileged to be trusted with this. We encourage emerging writers to submit to us, and have an editorial team for this purpose- that will work with you in a supportive process to boost pieces that may require a little extra work to the publishing stage. 

All our team members are from the north of England, and identify as as marginalised in some respect. If you are particularly nervous about a submission, you may request an editor who suits the needs and experience of your piece by including a short cover letter specifying your accessibility needs, and we will do our best to facilitate your request or find a comfortable/satisfactory alternative.

I.e. "I am submitting a piece which refers to an experience of sexual violence, please may I request a female or non-binary editor with a similar personal experience." / "My essay draws on my own experience of transitioning, please may I request a queer or trans editor."


We can also accommodate anonymous submissions.

Charities we have supported:

In August, 2022: 50% of our profits from sales of Issue 3: Utopia, were donated to Helping To Leave - a remarkable organisation helping to evacuate Ukrainians who were forcibly deported to Russia. 

In April, 2021: We donated 50% of all profits from sales of Issue 2: Intimate, to The Survivors Trust.

TST is an umbrella agency for rape and sexual abuse services in the UK which works with 124 organisations to provide support to survivors of all backgrounds across the country. 

In August, 2020: We were happy to donate over £100 to African Rainbow Family from the profits of Issue 1. 

ARF work to support LGBT+ people of African heritage, alongside wider BAME groups. Their work includes supporting LGBT+ refugees and asylum seekers with transport and food costs; offering free counselling and providing evidence in court, alongside organising social events and much more. 

Tree planting status and carbon offsetting: 


So far, we have planted 760 trees since we began offsetting our print production and deliveries in 2022. We have reached our goal of carbon neutrality, and even gone beyond this!

What content do we look for?
Charity support
Tree planting and carbon offsetting
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