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It’s getting colder, so we’re finding new ways of cosying up with a SINK time on our second issue “Intimate: Sex, the Body and Love”.

This workshop will flesh out our ways of loving. Attentive to the softer, hidden parts of ourselves and others. We’ll use words and art in a sketch workshop with the fabulous Ria Davis (@plut0art7) as an invitation to express how we are formed through the invisible forces of what is not always accepted, and celebrate the complexities of love itself. Whether through playing with the parts of magnetically unfulfilled desire or approaching how the self is made visible, join us on 26th November 2023 18.00-19.00 GMT.

In our SINK Time series, we hope to ignite artistic inspiration and embrace our creative Northern community. Whether you have submitted to SINK before, plan to please submit to Issue 5 or are just dipping your docs into the northern puddles of creativity, these workshops are available to all.

This workshop is free to attend, but donations to Medical Aid Palestine are strongly encouraged:

If you wish to purchase a PDF version of Issue 2 “Intimate” for £2 you can do so here

Please DM our socials account @sink_magazine or email us

for the zoom link.

With love both tender and fierce,

The SINK team x


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