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Fan the flicker of that cinnamon candle into a flame and embrace the corner of your covers as your creative cavern for a cosy, autumnal hour.

Join us at 18.00 GMT Sunday 29th October for a laidback evening of writing activities, inspired by our first issue RAMBLE and planting the seeds for our next theme REST. Be prepared to have material for writing, whether digital or physical, as you whisk away into prompts, poems and (metaphorical) pumpkins.

The first of our SINK Time series of creative workshops, we hope to ignite artistic inspiration and embrace our creative community of Northerners. Whether you have submitted to SINK before, plan to please us in the upcoming submissions for Issue 5, or, are just happy to dip your docs into the rainy puddles of Northern creativity, these workshops are available to all!

Join the call online here.

More on SINK Time:

We are launching a new series of creative workshops run by co-editor Anisha Jaya Minocha. the workshops will take place on the last Sunday of every month (18:00 - 19:00 GMT) online, and will start by exploring the themes from our past issues. it will be an amazing opportunity for the editorial team to connect with the SINK community and we really look forward to seeing you there!

1 hour, every last Sunday of the month, 18.00-19.00 GMT.


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