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Free Palestine

As an independent magazine, we stand unequivocally with Palestine and with Palestinians. Their courage, creativity, resistance and refusal to stay silent in the face of horrific genocidal violence by Israeli troops and settlers should underline our own imperative to speak up against settler colonialism.

Since October alone, more than 18,000 Palestinians have been killed in Gaza by Israel, often in bombardments which targeted schools, homes, mosques and hospitals. Entire bloodlines have been wiped out. Half of Gaza's population is starving, with nine out of 10 people unable to eat every day. Palestinian captives have been abducted, tortured, starved, and in some cases summarily executed by Israeli Occupation Forces. Meanwhile, Israel's Western allies, and even 'progressive' political movements such as the UK Labour Party, refuse to insist on a ceasefire that would suspend the suffering of Gaza's population of 2 million people.

For the foreseeable future, we will be donating 100% of profits from both in-person and online sales to charities supporting the cause of Palestinian liberation. Our store discount code, 'FREEPALESTINE', will give you 10% off your purchase, making it the perfect Christmas gift. In addition, if you send us proof of donation to any charity supporting Palestine, we will send you a bundle of all four PDF copies of our previous issues. No contribution is too small.

SINK will also continue to insist not only on a ceasefire in the current conflict, but an end to the ongoing settler colonial violence perpetrated continuously against Palestinians by the state of Israel since 1948.

Tomorrow, for the National Day of Action for Palestine, we encourage you to donate what you can to the charities below, write to those who are sponsoring this genocide to demand a ceasefire now, and read up on the long history of the world’s forever war against Palestine.


Today, nowhere in Gaza is safe. Tomorrow, let all of Palestine be free.


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