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Call for blog submissions: SINK's role in the 'new' Britain

"Tbilisi - Expo Georgia (1961-71)" (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0) by annindk

Last Friday, Britain awoke to a radically transformed political landscape. As a magazine with a consciously political agenda – demanding nothing less than justice, dignity, and radiance for all the people in the world – SINK must reflect on what this election means for its mission and purpose as we look to the future.

What must we demand of ‘our’ new government, elected with a majority and a mandate for change, but on a manifesto promising nothing but the very thinnest of gruel? We want to hear your wildest dreams, fantasies and ambitions – why should we settle for anything less?

How can we mobilise against the Reform UK bridgehead? 5 MPs may not a government make, but to cast an eye to our French neighbours is to see the danger of leaving hard-right nationalism to germinate. What lessons – if any – can we learn from the French Left and its struggle to barricade the gates of power to those far-right hordes?

And what is to be done to halt international trends towards genocide, militarisation and parochialism? How can we do right by those fighting to survive assaults on their existence by authoritarian regimes without falling into the trap of exceptionalising the ‘West’ as a defender of ‘liberty’ and ‘justice’?

We cannot sit passively by and wait for others to give us the answers to these questions. Our aspiration is for the SINK blog to be a space of creativity and a hive of resistance, a gathering point for those of us who will not accept being instructed to content ourselves with technocratic solutions to existential problems.

Let us celebrate the downfall of the architects of the Rwanda Plan, the bedroom tax, the hostile environment, and the myriad other depravations of these fourteen years of misery and despair. But to actively improve the world, we must propose our own radical ideas and solutions, and it is in that spirit that we humbly request your reflections. 

Email us your loose thoughts, proposals and/or drafts at


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