Issue 2

What does it mean to be intimate? 

This issue is all about marrying the personal and political through writing and art about sex, love and the body. Many of us experience having our bodies commodified, commercialised and objectified from an early age; many of us experience the unjust early shame of a dissident sexuality; many of us experience discrimination for the nonconformity of our bodies. This issue is about reclaiming our experience and perception of sex, of love and of our bodies. For platonic love can provide a radical space for self-acceptance and expression; for the journey of recovery from body dysmorphia can been liberatory; for sex can be an exhibition of curiousity and intimate connection.

Vulnerability... Solidarity... Friendship

Lots of writing is political, but very little writing is genuinely radical: we’re looking for you to channel the radical in this Issue’s theme. Write about the subversive power of love; your body as a site of protest and insurrection; the transformative strength of physical nonconformity. Tell us about normative sexuality, labour and the body, sexualised and desexualised form, pornographic culture, love languages, the commercialisation of feeling, politicised trauma, sexual politics, dispossession, and all of the other things you want to explore. This issue will be radically vulnerable and discover the political foundations of who we are and who we love. This issue is intimate.

Print Issue coming in January 2021

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