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The independent magazine giving a voice to writers and artists from the North of England

Issue 5 - preorders open now

We're proud to open preorders for SINK's next issue.

In a world that feels increasingly hostile to rest, we wanted to take a stand by inviting creatives from across the North to use their talents to express their experiences, perspectives, thoughts and feelings on the topic of rest and what it means to them.

And this is not a normal issue. For this issue, all profits will be donated to Palestinian aid charities.

So, why not take some time out of your day to slip through the cover onto our silk sheets?


Issue 4  - Rewilding

SINK's fourth issue was released in the summer of 2023. Our longest issue yet, it platformed the work of over 30 Northern creatives. As of yet there is still a limited stock available in our store, or you can purchase a PDF copy.

In a world increasingly organised by technology; bodies censored by trends and politics; minds regulated by pills and therapy in order to function within a system that is psychologically drowning us, this issue is about bearing ourselves; stripping back to the seed of who we are- bare bones gleaming like teeth- and flooding it with light. This is going to be a rich and excessive issue: unbutton your jeans; spill a bottle of your darkest wine directly into your mouth. We are growing/spilling over the boundaries; revealing who we are in the jungle of privacy; showing our animal selves to the world. 

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Meet the Team

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We are a group of Northern young people trying to make change by publishing Northern creatives. Our founders created this project together in the summer of 2020. All of us are passionate about access, empowerment and politics and hope our mag can bring something back to the Northern community we hold so dear.

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