The independent leftist magazine giving voice to writers and artists from the North of England

Issue 3 (Upcoming)

We are living in an age where the future is unstable and unsure. Each day this worrisome future encroaches upon our present, making not just tomorrow unstable, but today. As some continue to live as they do now, the less safely everyone will be able to live then. This issue therefore seeks to inspire the imagination necessary to escape from an oppressive present, and create ideas of a future for all. This issue will not shy away from the extreme, the radical, the imaginary, but rather invites us to discover our personal and political fantasies, coming together in hope of a world in utopia.

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Meet the Team

We are a group of Northern young people trying to make change by publishing Northern creatives. Our founders created this project together in the summer of 2020. All of us are passionate about access, empowerment and politics and hope our mag can bring something back to the Northern community we hold so dear.

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